Male Wrestlers
A.J. Styles
A.J. Styles known to his millions of wrestling fans as "The Phenomenal One" if a professional wrestling legend in the making. At a young age he has stolen the show countless times with top tier talents, having often defeated them in combat. Still very young in life, A.J. Is known among his peers to be a legend and hall of famer in our industry when his career is over. The most flowing and impressive high flyer, A.J. also has the ability to take it to the mat as an accomplished collegiate wrestler as well. A list of championships in TNA wrestling alone exceed 29 accolades including their top prize a multi-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Tag-Team Champion, and X-Division Champion among other accomplishments.
Aaron Aguilera
Aaron Aguilera is a multi-faceted talent. Generating huge popularity in the United States wrestling for the WWE as "Jesus", Aarons 7ft, 300lbs frame launched him to the top of his sport in less than one year. In Japan he is also the most popular and recognizable American pro-wrestler performing as the masked maniac "The Zodiac"
"The Monster" Abyss is one of the most feared big men in the industry today. With his violent and dangers in-ring style, matched only by his size and strength; the most feared man is also the most intimidating dawning his Hannibal Lecter like mask to hide his true identity from the millions watching him on TV. A successful competitor around the globe, Abyss has earned championship belts everywhere he's been including TNA Impact Wrestling's top prize the TNA World Heavyweight Championship as well as World Tag-Team Championship, and X-Division Championship.
Alexander Kozlov
The Russian native Alexander Kozlov is the most legitimate competitor in the pro-wrestling business today. Kozlov is a hybrid fighter who has mastered countless forms of hand to hand combat including freestyle wrestling, sambo, kickboxing, judo, MMA, and pro-wrestling. The former WWE World Tag-Team Champion, Heavyweight Sambo Champion, and International Heavyweight Grappling Champion has earned himself the title of most feared man in sports and entertainment. No one has been able to successfully derail the "Moscow Mauler" on the mat or be it a 4-sided or 8-sided ring. Also an accomplished entertainer and sportsmen, Kozlov has appeared in several Hollywood films as well as competed on a professional level in both American Football and European Rugby.
Boogie Man
Boogie Man all though one of the more bizarre characters in pro-wrestling, The Boogieman has proven to be one of the most popular! Famous all over the world and especially to children, The Boogieman is quite the feat of an athlete, standing at 6ft 4in with a huge physique and weighing in at over 240lbs. Boogieman strikes fear into the heart of his opponents and spectators!
Brian Kendrick
A high-flying risk taker, Brian Kendrick has carved a career for himself that started out in the shadows of his world famous trainer and coach Shawn Michaels. But as years went out Kendrik stepped out of his mentor's shadow and became his own man earning multiple titles around the globe including becoming a multi-time WWE Tag-Team Champion, as well as TNA X-Division Champion.
Carlitos Colon
Carlitos Colon is one of the most popular wrestling personalities in the world today. A second generation superstar, Carlito has grown famous with his marketable catchphrases and trade mark apple. A multi-time Intercontinental, United States, and Tag-Team Champion, Carlito has the ability to back up his charisma.
Charlie Haas
Charlie Haas is known as the most legitimate competitor in pro-wrestling. A multiple time World Tag-Team Champion, Charlie competed at a college level at Seaton Hall, and had a very lucrative position in the finance industry on the world famous Wall Street in New York before turning professional.
Chris Master
One of the most impressive physiques in the entire sport, known from WWE RAW and SmackDown as "The Masterpiece" Chris Master is a pro-wrestler chiselled out of stone to become a powerhouse competitor and a major force to be reckoned with in the pro-wrestling industry. Standing 6' 6" and weighing a muscle-bound 330lbs without an ounce of fat on his body, Chris has developed himself into not only having the best body in the entire pro-wrestling industry, but also as one of the most technically sound performers in the ring. His patented Masterlock hold is one of the most feared manoeuvres in ANY form of combat sport.
Christopher Daniels
"The Fallen Angel" is no stranger to international competition. Earning more titles around the globe than any other active wrestler in TNA today at 39 championships, Daniels offense is as innovative as anything seen today. His finishing manoeuvre dubbed "The Best Moonsault Ever" is a top rope back flip with as much grace as you would see in any Cirque du Soleil performance.
Finlay is a North Irish competitor, who has earned the title of "The Belfast Bruiser." Knows as the hardest striker, and a technical in-ring technician, Finlay has earned championship gold across every major wrestling promotion in the world spanning 13 countries. The former WWE United States Champion was such a master in the ring, he was put in charge of producing the in-ring content for the other wrestlers and main-event talents on WWE Raw and SmackDown.
Funaki is instantly one of the most recognizable Japanese wrestling stars in the entire world. A several year tenure in the WWE as well as holding multiple championship belts have made Funaki a globally recognized superstar but also the hottest pro-wrestling commodity in Japan.
Heidenreich known to wrestling fans all over the world, Big Bad John as he is known to his opponents is a former WWE World Tag-Team Champion and has manhandled more top name wrestlers than anyone else in the sports history. Standing in at an impressive 6ft 9in, Heidenreich is another 300+ pound pro-wrestling monster!
Hurricane Helms
Hurricane Helms is the resident super hero in professional wrestling. An immensely popular fan favorite Hurricane has garnered numerous titles including the WWE Tag-Team Championship. Known for his trademark green hair and flying off the top rope with his cape, it`s not uncommon to have seen Hurricane`s secret identity, mild-mannered Gregory Helms, compete on SmackDown where he was the longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion in WWE history. Now bringing the superhero suit, cape, and mask back in action; Hurricane Helms will be entertaining the children and adults alike as he brings his super "Huri-Powers" to the WWFX to fight evil do-ers, and amaze everyone in the arenas with his amazing high-flying wrestling ability.
Jimmy Yang
Jimmy Yang is one of the most versed high flyers in WWE history. A former World Cruiser-Weight Champion, Jimmy has amazed audiences all over the globe competing for many of the top promotions. The most famous and recognizable Korean wrestler in the world, Jimmy has developed a huge wrestling following all over Asia and in the Pacific as well. America's first and only "Korean Redneck" Jimmy has developed a huge following and popularity in non-Asian regions of the world as well.
John Hennigan
Better known to wrestling fans under the WWE RAW and SmackDown alias of "John Morrison," John is one of the most decorated champions in wrestling history. Launching a career as the most successful Tough Enough Champion in the TV programs history, John would then go on to become a multi-time Intercontinental Champion, as well as multi-time Tag-Team Champion with former partner "The Miz," and as part of arguably one of SmackDown's most famous tag-teams "MNM." And avid Parkour performer, John's agility and athletic ability allow him to perform some of the most spectacular and jaw dropping aerial manoeuvres never before seen in professional wrestling.
Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson is a former WWE and current TNA wrestling superstar. A former United States Champion, Ken has gone on to compete, and defeat, some of the top named talents in the entire professional wrestling industry. A bona fide star in our business, Ken has broken out to Hollywood where he has stared in the major motion picture, Behind Enemy Lines, Colombia Pictures and is now a competitive actor as well.
Kevin Seven
Kevin Seven is an interesting and diverse pro-wrestler and character. Since the huge surge in popularity for Vampires, Kevin's character has been the most requested and popular amongst teens and adults. Standing a massive 6 ft 5 ins and weighing near 300 lbs, Kevin is a power-house of a fighter.
Kip James
Kip James is the most pure athlete in the pro-wrestling business today. Standing a towering 6ft 6in in height and weighing in at a trim 265lbs. Billy is one of the most popular performers in WWE history and has held the Intercontinental Tag-Team, European and Hardcore titles, as well as WWE's King of the Ring.
Luke Gallow
Competing in the WWE as the corn-fed colossus Festus, Luke quickly became a fan favorite thrilling wrestling fans as one of the largest yet quickest athletes ever to be seen on television. Standing 6' 7 tall and weighing a trim 315lbs. his explosive strength and speed made "big-man" wrestling excitable and enjoyable to watch again. Following a transformation of getting his physique in excellent competitive shape, and adding speed and strength to already one of the strongest and fastest stars in wrestling, Luke Gallow was chosen by CM Punk to become the enforcer of his Straight Edge Society. After some incredible tag-team matches, and even bouts with Punk himself, Luke has feared competitors with his ground and pound fighting style all over the globe and now brings that same fighting style to all the pro-wrestling fans in WWFX.
Known simply as Magnus, the brash Brit with the sharpest tongue in wrestling is also an accomplished talent both in the ring and out of it. Competing on the smash hit Gladiators on Sky Sports, Magnus then transitioned into wrestling where he became a multi-time TNA Tag-Team Champion, as well as World Heavyweight Champion. With a chiselled frame and Hollywood good looks, Magnus has also performed in UK theatre at Pantomimes as well as been featured in various body building magazines such as Muscle and Fitness.
Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy is one of the most accomplished professional wrestlers earning both multi-time world championships as a singles wrestler and an astounding 8x world tag-team champion. Matt is known as the most death-defying wrestler, having perfected and revolutionized the most dangerous match in pro-wrestling, the ladder match. Being an accredited wrestler in both the WWE and TNA, Matt’s international exposure is amongst the highest performing at the largest pay-per-view and box office grossing events across the globe, as well as being seen weekly for over 10 years on international wrestling television programs.
Matt Morgan
The industry's "Blueprint" for a big man, Matt Morgan at 7ft tall and near 400lbs is the most athletic giant in the industry today. An accomplished Basketball player Matt transitioned into professional wrestling earning a WWE contract after his appearance on the reality show Tough Enough. Since entering the world of wrestling Matt has earned titles all over the globe including becoming a multi-time TNA Tag-Team Champion as well as the first ever Ring Ka King World Heavyweight Champion in front of a record setting audience of 14 million.
Mick Foley
Mick Foley is the world renown “hardcore legend” having competed for every major wrestling organization around the globe, and almost always earning their top prize. A former WWE World Champion, TNA World Heavyweight champion, as well as multi-time tag-team champion, Mick is also known for his presence in the entertainment world. A multi-time bestselling author, Mick has also transitioned into Hollywood where his credits span several films and TV shows.
Motor City Machine Guns
The hottest act in tag-team wrestling today is the team of Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin; the Motor City Machine Guns. As popular with the female audience for the handsome and ripped good looks, as they are with the male audience for the amazing bouts of non-stop action and entertainment, the Machine Guns single-handedly draw in over 50% of the extremely valuable teenage demographic alone. They're accomplishments around the globe has earned them more tag-team titles than any other team actively competing today including being the only team to win “Tag-Team of the Year” in both Pro-Wrestling Illustrated Magazine as well as the Pro-Wrestling Report for 2010.
Montel Vontavious Porter, or as he is known to millions of wrestling fans around the world, MVP is the premier athlete in professional wrestling. Having signed the largest contract in pro-wrestling history, MVP has blazed a trail to the top of the industry winning the WWE Tag Team Championship with Matt Hardy & WWE United States Championship (twice) along with countless other championships.
Rhino is the most powerful wrestler in the industry today. Weighing in at a scale tipping 290lbs of twisted steel, this power-house of a wrestler has been performing on international television every week since 1999. A former TNA world champion and WWE United States Champion, Rhino is feared by all opponents as he has broken wrestlers in half with his signature maneuver the "gore!" Rhino is one of the most idenifiable TV characters in public as this massive man-beast has tree trunk like legs and is as dense with muscle as a motor vehicle.
Rob Van Dam
Known to millions as RVD, Rob has a cult following that is an oxymoron given the massive size of this demo. Revered by millions of fans around the globe who are as passionate about their hero as he is in performing for them, RVD is the most spectacular wrestling competing today. With his high flying arsenal which can't be touched by even the most graceful of athletes, RVD's credentials aren't in just spectacle alone. As scientifically sound in mat wrestling as he is in kick-boxing, RVD's championship accomplishments are a laundry list of WWE Tag-Team Championships, Intercontinental Championships, World Heavyweight Championships, and as a TNA World Heavyweight Champion as well.
Samoa Joe
One of the strongest and most feared competitors from the Isle of Samoa, Samoa Joe is a record setting World Champion having defended his title for 22 months. The hard hitting striker mixes his background of Muay Thai and traditional pro—wrestling to make him an unstoppable hybrid machine. The massive 280lbs talent has been seen to have as much agility and grace as talents 100lbs lighter than the Samoan King. Samoa Joe's in ring talent have garnered him countless championships from around the world including the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Tag-Team Championship, and X-Division Championship.
Scott Steiner
Scott Steiner is the man with the largest arms in the world. Known as the "Genetic Freak" Scott has been a main-event performer for over a decade, holding all major World titles in EVERY promotion. A former WWE, TNA and WCW World Champion, as well as multi time Tag Team Champ.
Scotty 2 Hotty
Scotty 2 Hotty is one of premiere fan-favourites in the professional wrestling industry. Garnering huge popularity in the tag-team Too Cool, Scotty ushered the hip-hop culture and fan base into the world of professional wrestling. A former WWE Tag-Team Champion, Scott is as popular with the fans for his quick paced wrestling ability, as much as for his incorporation of break dancing during and after his matches.
Sheik Daivari
Sheik Daivari is the only Persian professional wrestler competing actively in the industry today. Having competed on international television for many years for both WWE and TNA, Daivari has developed a huge Persian following all over the world. A former X-Division Champion standing 5ft 10in and weighing in at 220lbs, fluent in both English and Farsi making him a versatile mouth-piece all over the world.
Shelton Benjamin
Shelton Benjamin is known as the most gifted, pure athlete in the professional wrestling industry today. A former World Tag Team Champion, United States Champion, and Intercontinental Champion, Shelton has "wowed" WWE audiences for over 10 years. Known through his championship accomplishments as "The Gold Standard" Shelton is also an educated NCAA National Wrestling Champion.
Snitsky is one of the most gruesome and feared combatants in all of wrestling. Standing a towering 6ft 10in and weighing in at a scale topping 300+ pounds, Snitsky has had no problem climbing the top ranks of the pro-wrestling industry. Prior to wrestling Snitsky was a professional American Football player in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles.
A proud wrestler from Paris, France; Sylvan transitioned into wrestling after a successful career as a male model. His size, strength and ability have earned him on multiple occasions the WWE Tag-Team Championship, and his chiselled good looks have made him a marquee attraction to draw in the female demographic.
Tommy Dreamer
Known to wrestling fans around the globe as "The Innovator of Violence" Tommy has established a career and loyal fan base due to the abuse his body has taken over the years. The former ECW World Champion has competed in some of the hardest hitting, most violent matches, has taken the biggest and roughest slams ever seen, and has earned the fans respect by keep getting up and moving forward to win these bouts over the past two decades.
Val Venus
Val Venus is a former adult film star who's carved his way into professional wrestling with as much support from the male wrestling fans as the female. Known to his fans as "The Big Valbowski" Val has earned on multiple occasions the WWE Intercontinental Championship as well as the World Tag-Team titles. Also competing in TNA Wrestling, Val has won the hearts of the female fans with his pre-match towel tricks, as well as the laughter of the male audience with his dirty limericks and jokes.
X-Pac is one of the largest fan-favourites around the globe, garnering the attention and cheers of the fans as one of the original members of D-Generation X. Competing in every major wrestling organization around the globe, X-Pac has earned the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, Tag-Team Championship, and TNA X-Division Championship all on multiple occasions. Versed in martial arts, X-Pac's kicks are known in the wrestling industry to be lethal.




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